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Monday, March 02, 2009

2009 Drag Names

  1. May Edith Toolittle
  2. Emma Pam Demick
  3. Eppi Demick
  4. Pam DaMonium
  5. Beth Anova
  6. Em Marta Fishel
  7. PamDemicflu
  8. Eve Ellen Tenchins
  9. Enda DeWhirld
  10. Emma Ruhldial
  11. Irene Noojerzoloft
  12. Gladys Pantzaroff
  13. Paris Troika
  14. Rachel Profiling
  15. Bustina Knutt
  16. Destiny Awates
  17. Godiva Headache
  18. Amanda Torey Sentencing
  19. Tara Torey Elle
  20. Della Kit Flour
  21. Maya Pahlajeez
  22. Anne Hindsight
  23. Dee Flightermouse
  24. Ida Tolda Whuttfur?
  25. Ro Yurbota Shoar
  26. Hadessa Prizefart
  27. Elsie Tanya Face
  28. Anna Lee Kidge
  29. Ivana Bea Toff
  30. Mary Queen Ofsquat
  31. Angie O'Plastie
  32. Bess Kitcase
  33. Inelda Twinclassnite
  34. Ezra Bingershaft

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008's Drag Names, Year in Review!

Finally, Genre Zinyak's Drag Names Year in Review: A drag name a week, plus two bonus ones!
  1. Leia Vur! (She's at the airport...)
  2. Olive Asuttun! (She's spontaneous)
  3. Iona Caftan! (Her maiden name is Traylor)
  4. Rene Goeshoble! (... a hooker who's flexible)
  5. Euwatta Knobedduh! (Yes, I should.)
  6. Millie Terri Mann! (Formerly Mrs. Manouvres and Mrs. Operation)
  7. Estelle Blisshmint! (She's a fixture 'round here)
  8. Dawn Loeh! (Also known as Leigh Dzuh Dubbalife, mm hmm, you know)
  9. Draugha Tori Lee! (... never gossips, oh no, never...)
  10. Dawn Ting Task! (... has a tough time with things, dat's all)
  11. Sabby Tewer! (Just can't trust the bitch)
  12. Lassie Faire! (She's ok with doggy style 'cause she can't be bothered with any other position.)
  13. Meara Coolwhip! (She likes to whip it up real good like!)
  14. Bea Hemmuth! (She's a big ol' baddie, that Bea....)
  15. Miss Bea Have! (she's an oxy moron that one)
  16. Val Addictorian! (she wasn't the head of her class; she gave head to her class)
  17. Marcia Dimes! (... marches into straight couples' bedrooms to show off her 100% proven anti-birth-defect technique, called, "Move over and let me have at him."
  18. Marcia Crossamerica! (... until she's marched into every married couples bedroom...)
  19. Marcia D'Penguins! (... an odd bird that gets around a lot)
  20. Barb Wire! (... a prickly one; cross her and she'll scratch you to pieces)
  21. Fay Talinstinkt! (She's usually dead wrong)
  22. Wanda May Kibet?! (This lady likes to take chances)
  23. Sue Veneer! (Thinks she'd make a good trophy wife)
  24. Jenna I. Dennedy! (Likes to fit in with the crowd)
  25. Sue Puhnatchrille! (She's out there...)
  26. Sun Ting Wong! (...and she's all worked up about it!)
  27. Elaine Stretch! (she's had a good long one...)
  28. Anita Size Larger! (...don't we all...)
  29. Anita Sizemore! ( God, is she ever satisfied?...)
  30. Anne Neckdote! (There is none. Trust me; we've tried)
  31. Cara Couture! (Acts like a high faloot'n fashion model but she's a cartoon)
  32. Bea Shumbrella! (she don't like the sun...)
  33. Anita Biggun! (you know why...)
  34. Thebossah Nova! (just blame it on her...)
  35. Fran Kenfurturs! ( she can't have just one...)
  36. Winnie Baygo! (Iona Traylor's sister with more money)
  37. Lotte Estrogen! (so stand back)
  38. Hillary Yuss! (...friends with Esther Ricklequeen...)
  39. Sarah Moanies! (...she's a wedding planner...)
  40. Mary DeWitt Chillen! (...oh, those poor kids...)
  41. Rhoda Ruin! (...bad small business manager...)
  42. Rhoda HALE! (Drinks. A lot.)
  43. Anne Igma! (... hard to describer her...)
  44. Alma Rillis! (...she's such a pretty flower...)
  45. Lu Swimmyn! (...has multiple personalities and they're all sluts...)
  46. Rue Morse! (... she's a sorrowful thing...)
  47. Lourdes May Witness! (...she's a liar...)
  48. Anne Sesschewuss! (...keeps it in the family, like Anne Sesters...)
  49. Rita Herites! (...she has a cop fetish... just play along...)
  50. Elke Seltzer! (...she likes champaign; it don't like her...)
  51. Reva Durchi! (... afraid of relationships...)
  52. Helen Urth! (... stay away from her...)
  53. Angie O'Plastie! ( and out of that hospital...)
  54. Thea Nawguhration! (...acts very presidential...)
  55. Anna Lee Kidge! (... she don't smell rite...)
  56. Eubie Ronginduhed! (...based on some of these names, that's the stove calling the kettle black!)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dynamic Drag Names!

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  1. Lucite Heels
  2. Bianca Passity
  3. Affradee Z. Yack
  4. Marie Aquanette
  5. Ella Vaider-Healze
  6. Olga Fuckyourself
  7. Chastity Beltsoff
  8. Jacqueline Hyde
  9. E. Lee Galimmigrant
  10. Carlotta Tendant
  11. Maye Kay Wishinblow
  12. Parker Ritehear
  13. Celeste Jill Body
  14. Hedy Shablee
  15. Oceanna Khavent
  16. Flo Rita Sunshine
  17. Dee Monica Pearince
  18. Gladys Over
  19. Hannah Belle Leckter
  20. Robin DeCradle
  21. Mary Jizzkaput
  22. Nada Chan-Sinhell
  23. Gwen Tuda Chapel
  24. Helen Damnation
  25. Constance Staydashock
  26. Amber Gerferlunch
  27. Aspen Alma Cash
  28. Polly Esther Pantsuit
  29. Nada Karen Deworld
  30. Goetta Life
  31. Maura Lee Karupt
  32. Carmon Minoxide
  33. Grace Anatomy
  34. Mary Fiore-Munny
  35. Fran DeDorothy
  36. Sarah Problem?
  37. Minerva Shrek
  38. Diane Goedahell
  39. Tulita Pepsi (thanks John!!)
  40. Katanya Neezenbegg
  41. Amanda Kissenhug
  42. Gaye Toffmahback
  43. Alpaka Uranus (thanks Tom! Never knew Alpakas shit out their newborn!)
  44. Ricki Shayrabbit
  45. Chita Zenseawell
  46. Memory Lane (thanks John!)
  47. Maryanne Leevum (Thanks again JW!)
  48. Rhee Peta Fender
  49. Mary Fiore-Munny
  50. Jenna Telle-Hurpeez
  51. Muffin B. Tweenus
  52. Hedah Lettuce
  53. Anna Tommie Lee Correct (thanks John!)
  54. Angel Lynne Disguise
  55. Oxsanna Barstool
  56. N. Tammy C. Issues
  57. Anne Joy Zagoodmeal
  58. Amanda Bury
  59. Anna May Tediva
  60. Eureaka Fish
  61. Liza Bouterage
  62. Myra Berbroke
  63. Anne T. Christ
  64. Mrs. Zippy Mudpie
  65. Liza Rown-DeHouse
  66. Esther Rickle-Queen
  67. Miss Inga Fewscrews
  68. Norma Lee Sober
  69. Liv Sandra Arock
  70. Norma Lee Bottoms
  71. Todie Lee Clueless
  72. Claudia Lefteye
  73. Savanah Leven
  74. Reeseann Tess Kaypee
  75. Cassey Noroyal
  76. C. D. Littlehore
  77. Diva Lipping Story
  78. Estelle R. Wardrobe
  79. Fannie May Saggabit
  80. Grace Underfire
  81. Honey Zeraikin
  82. Isabel Ringing
  83. Isadora Jar
  84. Belinda Bellfree
  85. Bereatha Hatchett
  86. Leslie Vera Lone
  87. Lucinda Inseam
  88. Miss Terry Novel
  89. Tilda Cowscum-Home
  90. Rowena Sunkboat
  91. Sharon Cher Alike
  92. Sheba Lee Vingsoon
  93. Wanda Ringjew
  94. Elle Liar
  95. Anne DaThief